Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Lack of updates. Part 1

I've been pretty busy as of late and haven't had time to do alot with this blog but Hopefully I will be able to update on some of the things I've been doing.

I am specifically talking about Project Talon, The goals of this project is:

1) To be able to control a headless server from any internet connected pc (regardless of OS)
2) To allow me to download torrents from work or any other place that I can connect from
3) Allow me to access my samba shares via ftp
4) to be quiet reliable and secure
5) give me the ability to host an image gallery and my own site if I felt like it.

being able to do all this would make me happy because I am at work 12 hours a day and even tho I have an internet connection I cant use it like my own box sooo this would give me a lil bit of freedom.

Talon - Named after the gunship leviathon in the sci fi show Farscape , why you ask cuz that fucker was cool as hell... plus I like the sound of it.

Talon's Specs:
IBM Netvista s40 FlexATX Case w/90watt psu
Intel PIII Pentium 800mhz (FC) w/ Low profile HSF
Asus CUWE-FX FlexATX Board (i810 Chipset) * Audio, Networking & Video onboard
Micron 512MB PC133 (Board only sees 256mbs for some reason)
Western Digital 80GB Pata Hard Drive
52x Cdrom

I picked Xubuntu because it uses less resources than the other 3 distros do because of the different window manager (XFCE).
I found out later that xfce is based on gtk so it can use some of the customization themes for Gnome but since this is a headless server it won't be needing any of that.

You may ask why didn't I use the server edition of ubuntu or Freebsd for that matter.. I did try both of those FreeBSD didn't like video chipset at all so I couldn't get any kind of GUI running so I got frustrated and tried ubuntu server....Oh boy was that NOT fun..

The install went off without a hitch and was very fast doing what it had to do, install finished and them I tried to customize the install to what I needed.. Bottom line is I didn't feel comfortable with ONLY using a CLI enviroment to set this thing up... SO I tried to install the xubuntu desktop and that didn't work worth shit so frustrated and swearng I turned off the machine.

Read part 2

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