Monday, November 5, 2007

Installation / Errors

A typical Ubuntu install normally goes off without a hitch however while I was installing on the system that most of the work for this blog will be done on I recieved a nasty lil message from the installer telling me that there was a problem.

It told me that either my cd was bad and to reburn it at a slower rate which I did or that there was a hardware problem that was hindering the file transfer between the dvdrw (sony opticarc) I tried with a brand new 10x burn but still got the same message.

I then opted to try the "
Alternate Install CD" the alt install is text based and is meant for systems that have low memory , raid or for OEM preconfigured systems.

The install now went off without a hitch and a few minutes later I was looking at a brand new Gnome desktop, the system was up and running with no driver issues.

You can download Ubuntu 7.10

System Specs:
Coolermaster 541 mATX Case - 400Watt PSU
Intel Celeron 2.5Ghz w/ Articool Freezer 7 (socket 478)
Asus P4SP-mx motherboard - Onboard video, Lan & Sound
Cosair Value Select 512mb DDR400
Seagate Barracude 250GB Pata 7200RPM HDD
Sony Optiarc 18x Dvd-RW

All things said the system is running quite nicely and has been up for 4 days.

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