Monday, November 5, 2007

Popped my cherry (again)

When I was 15/16 I experimented with FreeBSD, Suse & Redhat but ultimatly I stopped because I lost interest. I was very impressed by FreeBSD and how the OS was layed out but not by the packaging system or lack of.

I have been wanting to try to get back into Linux & BSD for a while now, recently I made the decision to use the spare parts I had laying around to build 2 dedicated systems, one as a server & one as a desktop system which I will be using to learn on.

Currently I have 4 systems running ubuntu:
  • Compaq V2570NR - Running Ubuntu 7.04
    Custom built Pentium 805D - Dual booting xp & Ubuntu 7.10
    Custom built PIII 800mhz for use as a low end server. (Xubuntu)
    Custom built P4 Celeron 2.5Ghz for use as the main linux desktop system. (Ubuntu 7.10)

I chose this OS because of its "ease of use" and its massive army of users (support) & so far I haven't been disappointed at all.

I am surprised as to how far linux has come in terms of hardware support, I am also liking the amount of eyecandy thats around these days (beryl & Compiz), so that said lets give this a shot hopefully I will learn a few things that I can share with people I know or just people who happen upon this blog. Enjoy.

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